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BUSINESS FORMATION: Partner Agreements and Entity Formation

BUSINESS FORMATION: Partner Agreements and Entity Formation

Designing corporate documents toward your, and other founders’ best interests, as well as for the longevity of your company, is the best way to mitigate the risks faced every day by the startup community.

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TRADEMARKS: A Companies Most Valuable Assets

TRADEMARKS: A Companies Most Valuable Assets

Large or small, startup or established, your company’s trademarks are likely its most valuable assets. As such, I recommend securing your company’s branding early on, which can result in some of the greatest returns via word of mouth, good will, merchandising, etc.

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PATENTS: The game-changing backbone for your venture.

PATENTS: The game-changing backbone for your venture.

If you are an inventor or a startup owner developing an innovated, new or disruptive technology (or just a better mouse-trap!), a solid patent portfolio provides the game-changing backbone for your venture. Whether you are evolving the high-tech industry or improving a thousand-year-old widget, a patent may double as a revenue-stream while serving as a shield – lending you advantages over, and protecting you, from competitors.

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Develop A Legal Strategy

The first step in approaching any legal issue facing startups is to take a step back and put a long-term legal strategy that is tied to the business plan and exit goals in place.

Branding is Hard... Re-branding is Harder

Securing your brand rights upfront is relatively easy but trying to change a successful brand later can be expensive and difficult. 

Maintain your Friends and Family

Nothing kills relationships like a business deal gone bad. Build a corporate structure upfront that allows all the stakeholders a way out.

Increase Your Company's Value

Startups often have few assets and less cash. This often means that justifying the high valuation you want to pitch investors at is difficult. Building a strong IP Portfolio is often one of the most powerful ways to justify your desired valuation. 

Convert Competitors into Purchasers

When you’re finally killing it and proved the market, those fortune 500 companies are going to start considering whether to compete with you or purchase you. Let’s make sure to convert the competitors camp into purchasers.

Scale Your Rights Alongside Your Revenue

Legal and government fees can add up fast. One of the most important goals should be outlining a plan that preserves your rights and competitive advantage but defers the costs and government fees until the companies revenue can support them. 

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