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Andrew has an outstanding ability to rapidly, meticulously, and poignantly examine the proprietary nature of technological innovations. He is able to effortlessly distill abstract innovations into finite, robust and easily communicable inventions. His deep understanding of intellectual property law, both domestic and international, as well as his intricate knowledge of the process of acquiring and defending IP, allows him to offer pragmatic advice in a timely fashion. Perhaps most impressive is Andrew’s uncanny ability to truly acclimate IP strategy to the needs, budget, and end-goals of his clients without compromising the quality of his output. As the CEO of a start-up, I genuinely appreciate Andrew’s no-nonsense approach, his integrity, and his consideration of our limited resources in every recommendation he makes. I highly recommend Andrew’s services. Five stars all the way.

Co-Founder and CEO, Aspire Food Group

Andrew is one of the very best IP attorneys that I’ve worked with in my 30 years in high tech. He is always accessible and extremely efficient. Of course he is able to quickly understand the innovation and how to turn it into an appropriate filing – the basics and he excels at them. What I really appreciate is how Andrew quickly established himself as an integral part of the leadership team. He did this by working to understand our business and providing proactive guidance on every aspect of a global IP and trademark strategy. It isn’t just that he did this but that he was able to articulate it in a way that clearly demonstrated a deep understanding of our company. He is my first choice from here forward.

Founder and CEO, RevX Technologies

I attended Andrew Eisenberg’s mentoring session at the Business Success Center in Austin, Texas, while in the preliminary stages of launching my own educational company. I had little business experience and no idea of legal implications for my new venture. Andrew outlined recommendations for a sound business launch, as well as pitfalls that I needed to be aware of in order to set up shop quickly, with no major legal oversights. Andrew is a lawyer and there is no mistaking his pedigree in that arena, however, he is such a natural teacher; nonintimidating, with a way of making law comprehensible and easily translating it into layman’s terms. I was so impressed with his mentoring and partiality to new business entrepreneurs like myself, that I put my Trademark application into his hands and became a client of his firm. Andrew continues to provide superb advice to me now. I trust him implicitly.

Founder and CEO, BabyTalk

Andrew has been an extremely insightful adviser and mentor for my startup endeavors. His demeanor and personality enable startup executives to develop a trust and confidence in his advice. As an entrepreneur with my focus on other aspects of the business, Andrew has both educated me and protected my interests when it comes to all matters ‘start up’. He has helped me through a difficult legal situation with expertise, patience and professionalism. Without his help and guidance, I pause to think of what would have happened. I highly recommend Andrew Eisenberg to any entrepreneur who needs advice in structuring, funding their business or protecting their intellectual property!

Co-Founder, UlaHealth

We were debating for months if and how to file for a patent to cover our product line. Andrew devised a very clever way to structure our patent application, in a very cost-effective manner. And, he did it on a rush schedule. He’s super friendly, and always accessible. I highly recommend Andrew.

CEO, Shield Your Body

Andrew Eisenberg has been instrumental in helping us navigate both regulatory questions related to our business, but most importantly in structuring our patent filing process. He has been flexible, resourceful and fast throughout all our projects. Andrew and his team have been very accessible and we felt that he had full understanding and command of our context. We couldn’t have felt more confident that we’d succeed in our patent filing and approval process with his help.

CEO/Founder, Audicus

I have worked with Andrew for four years now, mentoring startup companies and assisting them in their intellectual property needs. Andrew has always been diligent in giving the entrepreneurs exactly what they need. He spends as much time with them as they need, also. His tireless work in community events is making Austin a greater place to live and a greater place to start a company.

General Manager, StudyOnBoard

As an inventor and entrepreneur, I have worked with quite a few intellectual property lawyers and patent agents. I highly recommend Andrew Eisenberg for both jobs – he is a keen intellect and diligent attorney, the best with whom I have worked, I cannot recommend him highly enough. And his rates do not reflect his talents – they’re about the most reasonable in town!

Co-founder, ZPEG Inc

Andrew Eisenberg and I worked together on a project that was steeped in intellectual property. With a crew of engineers developing new and unique electronic, cloud based interface and uniquely designed consumer product his ability to navigate through the intellectual property laws coupled with his computer science knowledge gave our company the ability to develop over 30 patents in a two year period.

Managgin Partner, 2Market Services

I have known Andrew since early 2013 through a number of business community organizations that focus on helping small and middle-market businesses in the Austin area. Andrew’s style of mentoring entrepreneurs one on one is one of the best I have ever seen. He has the ability to discuss very complex legal and technical issues in a way that a lay person can understand. Andrew has a passion for speaking to audiences interested in patents and legal issues. He connects very well with both large and small audiences through using some humor, exuding passion for his subject, and organizing his content well. I have heard Andrew speak on a number of occasions to large audiences and have been impressed with his ability keep his audience engaged, provide valuable information that members of his audience can immediately use, and have fun doing it. I believe he draws a good crowd when he speaks because he has done so much mentoring outreach to the Austin community.

President, Business Finance Solutions

Mr. Andrew Eisenberg constantly delivers high quality, professional and client-oriented service for our technology based patent applications. He has solid understandings of a board range of related topics and a strong desire to help clients achieve their greatest potentials. He is a hard-working, out-of-the-box thinking, and easy going person who has a down-to-earth working approach but is as diligent as possible when protecting his clients’ legal rights. I really enjoyed working with Mr. Eisenberg and highly recommend him if you are seeking to build and execute a well-engineered patent plan in a professional manner.

Co-Founder, Autonomous Earthmoving Equipment (AEE)

As the organizer for the Austin Online Marking Club, I have invited Andrew to speak at events on multiple occasions. It’s always a pleasure to hear Andrew’s expertise and insights about patent law and trademarks for small business owners and entrepreneurs. He excels at incorporating our random audience questions into his presentation. Because the laws are expanding and new ones are now being written, Andrew focuses on knowing how to stake your claim to profit from your original and curated ideas.

Creator, Look. Decide. Eat.

Andrew Eisenberg was recommended to me by a business partner whom has worked with him in the past. I took his advice and gave Andrew a call. Andrew took on my filings for my business and performed unequivocally professional while completing all my tasks needed with 100% accuracy. I rate Andrew a 5 out of 5 stars. I have been highly satisfied with and very happy with Andrew. Like my partner, I would recommend him to anyone who wants their business taken care of fast and with 100% accuracy.

Co-Founder, Gymkoi

Andrew is an excellent lawyer / business consultant. He currently advises our company with regards to Salesforce and NetSuite consulting service agreements and employment contracts. He demonstrates excellent quality and customer service. If you are a growing business who needs timely legal guidance, Andrew will serve you well.

CEO, SaaS Consulting Group

I hired Andrew twice for consultation on my business and the service was top notch. He made things clear and made both the large picture and small details understandable. I engaged Andrew after, hearing him speak at a business convention. His presentation was very fluent and clear. He was very professional and kind and I would recommend him to anyone.

Founder, North Star Management Solutions

Andrew was invaluable in guiding me through many questions and uncertainty I had regarding a business I was considering starting this past year. He met with me in person twice and we also exchanged a number of emails over a period of months while I was busy researching my idea. Andrew was extremely helpful and candid in all of the advice and insight he gave me. He is extremely knowledgeable at what he does, but he is also genuine and offers practical advice that is beneficial to both those who are starting a brand new business as well as the more seasoned entrepreneurs. I would highly recommend Andrew to any entrepreneur who needs legal, organizational, or patent advice!


I attended Andrew’s Trademark workshop at an event in Austin and it was the most insightful and useful workshop I attended over the week. Trying to understand the details of copyright, trademarks, and patents can be extremely daunting for a small business owner, but Andrew gave some awesome actionable tips for me and I am grateful I attended his workshop. I even reached out to Andrew after the event for some advice and he was gracious enough to spend some time with me to help clear up some confusion I had. I now have a patent and trademark attorney who I will continue to work with on future projects.

Co-Founder, Hombre Body, LLC

I’ve enjoyed volunteering along with Andrew for several years now as a mentor with the Profit Movers group. He is always respectful of the mentees and provides his advice only after listening to what each mentee has to say — a terrific quality!
Recently, I engaged Andrew to review some changes to my contracts and found his speed and recommendations prompt and professional. One great advantage of working with Andrew is that he is fluent in both Intellectual Property and general business topics. In fact, he is the only attorney I know who can work in both worlds. I recommend Andrew without hesitation.

Founder, Pearson Strategy Groups

I first met Andrew while attending his workshop at a business event. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, he’s also great at explaining the details so you fully understand the subject. After hearing his presentation and talking to him afterwards, I knew that I wanted him to help file a trademark for my brand. Andrew is so easy to work with and makes himself available anytime I have a question. I would definitely recommend him to others!

Founder, Bebe Owl

Andrew’s professionalism and Corporate knowledge made the experience of converting my LLC to a Corporation a hassle-free experience. I would and have recommended many of my friends and business acquaintances to Andrew because I know they will be well taken care of as I have. All my questions were thoroughly answered and all my potential concerns were always put at ease by his quick feedback and his ability to convey the situation that was easy to understand.

Founder & CEO, CooMo Travel Inc

I’ve worked on multiple patents with Andrew over the past few years from initial concept through to issue. In all cases, Andrew has worked in an extremely efficient manner, has provided excellent advice and guidance on strategy and has been solid and on time in all of his deliverables. His efforts have made a positive difference for our business and I highly recommend him to others.

CTO, REVx Technologies

Andrew was an absolute pleasure to work with. His communication made the patenting process a breeze. He and his team have a plethora of knowledge on both domestic and international patent law and made us feel comfortable that our ideas would be protected. Andrew’s adherence to deadlines was perfect, and he always kept us up to date as to the status of our IP. It was a relief to work with someone who knew so much about technology and understood how to properly turn ideas in an inventors mind into a thoroughly protected piece of intellectual property. I would not hesitate to use his services again.

Chief Technology Officer, Aspire

I was first introduced to Andrew on a Webinar alongside another lawyer in the field, but there was something about Andrew, maybe it was the sense that he was offering so much help without appearing to want anything in return, or maybe just the fact that he was so nice, approachable and patient with each question that came his way. After that webinar I made sure I attended a live workshop he was doing in Austin, and boy did he not disappoint. Andrew simply knows the industry inside and out, not only from working with others but by building his own business. Andrew stayed after hours to take a look at my business and offer advice. Just from his free advice, to say that he has saved my business so much money is an understatement, he has saved my business! Long story short, the next day I hired Andrew and his team to take care of my new venture. Have no doubt you’ll be in great hands! Highly Recommended!

Founder and CEO, Simply Coco

We host many business events each year, and Andrew is always one of our favorite speakers. Andrew is a gracious speaker who is easy to understand and relates well with our business audiences. He has infinite patience with our guests’ questions and helps us all better understand complex legal issues that affect our businesses.
I highly recommend engaging Andrew for speaking events. Your audiences will be glad you did.

Chief Marketing Officer, Business Finance Solutions

I have been working with Andrew through multiple startup companies, and he consistently sets a very high bar for any patent or trademark work. He has an excellent technical background, which means he not only understands what we are talking about on both a technical and legal level, but makes very constructive and helpful comments and suggestions as we work through the process of producing a complex patent. He is always responsive to questions, and is an absolute professional at all times.

CTO , Social Flash Media

The recent patent that Andrew Eisenberg drafted for my business was far more thorough than other patents I found in the same technical space while researching my product. In fact, the final draft was even more detailed than what I was expecting to see. Andrew covered aspects that had not even occurred to me during the product design process. He also walked me through my options during each step of the process, and clearly laid out the pros and cons of each. I will use Andrew for all projects in the future.

Owner, Think Like a Tree

Andrew is a wonderful legal mind! A calm port during stormy business adventures, I highly recommend him. He is honest, bright and straight forward in his speech, saving me time and money!

Co-Founder, Small Business Festival

Andrew has been fantastic to work with through out the years. His professionalism and responsiveness are among the best I have ever seen within the legal world. Most importantly, he comes up with very pragmatic solutions that are “right sized” so money isn’t wasted and we can get back to the business of serving our customers.

CEO, Living Direct

Andrew Eisenberg, Austin attorney, is adept at seeing around corners for his clients, a skill which is the artist’s frequent shortcoming. He extends himself with careful analyses of our needs, exposure to legal risks, creating of contracts that relieve us of fear, of copyright weaknesses or competition and theft of our products. Beyond the legal protection that he can confidently provide, his interest in his clients extends well beyond these important defenses. His interest in artists, artisans and musicians and their creative endeavors engages him in understanding our goals and advising us of new avenues to develop, even new corners to turn and explore. Andrew Eisenberg is a great resource and friend to each of us striving to better the world through the gift of our creative energies.

Violinmaker and Owner, Charles Ervin Violins, Inc.

Andrew is that perfect combination between brilliant legal mind and entrepreneur. I have worked with and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on other lawyers and I can tell you that few can think outside the box and go the extra mile for you like Andrew. I would never let a lawyer near a negotiation before working with Andrew, he is a trusted adviser and amazing at what he does.

Founder, Rapid Growth Coach, LLC

There is no one I would rather send a client to than Andrew Eisenberg. He tells people what they need to know, even when it is not in his business interest. As a mentor and a speaker he is equally candid and straight forward. He never uses legal jargon and he goes out of his way to really listen and then respond instead of pontificating. His examples are always relevant and he has great rapport with his audiences and with mentees.

CEO, Business Success Center

Andrew does incredible, thoughtful, and quick work. I rely on him as both a legal mind and advisor. He thinks outside the box and leverages his networks and diverse experience to help other. He makes others around him better. I trust him completely and will use him for future start ups or to innovate current projects.

Executive Director, Austin Young Chamber of Commerce

Andrew is top notch. In a world of forgetful attorneys that lack accountability, Andrew is prompt and decisive. Our firm has worked with Andrew consistently since 2012 and never has he or his staff dropped the ball on any of our Patents or legal advice. Andrew has been able to contribute to defining our patents in a way that would lead one to believe he was part of the team. His drafts come back quickly and his revisions are spot on. Andrew also has a great personality that makes him very approachable. Small or large company, this is your guy.

Co-Founder, Social Flash Media

I came across Andrew Eisenberg after a failed attempt to secure a trademark with another attorney. Andrew did what he does best, he explained complex situations and helped me understand where we were, what our options were, and the advantages and consequences of each choice. We ended up filing a new trademark, and the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) examiner just didn’t see things our way. Andrew contacted the reviewer directly and negotiated an outcome that helped us to be listed as the holder of our name and give us the use of the trademark going forward. Andrew is smart and talented, but he makes you smarter, because he can effectively explain complex intellectual property law and your options with the USPTO. He can also effectively guide you in protecting your brand as you start to expand it beyond the USA.


Highly recommend, When your looking for attorney regarding frightening intellectual property disputes, it’s in your best interest to pick someone who can demonstrate not only expertise but also someone who can be personable and not treat you as just another case. He took the time to really understand my issue and gave me peace of mind. It’s worth more than you think.

Business Owner